Tara O'Connor is comic maker and illustrator currently residing in the woods of America. She was born in the year of the Highlander. When she's not drawing comics or teaching comics, she's probably working on an illustration of some sort. Her boyfriend, John, also draws comics. They're currently plotting their next projects together. On any given day there's a 90% chance that every meal was cereal. She drinks way too much tea and coffee.

She's been drawing since before she can remember and has been drawing comics since she was about 14. Most of those comics were awful and never saw the light of day, and very few of them made their way online. In 2010, however, she braved the comics world and self-published her first mini-comic, Puddles.

Ever since then she's been a comics addict. Since wrapping up a book with Scholastic, she’s now working with the new Random House Imprint, Random House Graphic, on her next two graphic novels!

She’s represented by Pete Ryan at Stimola Literary Studio

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Schooling: Graduated from Marywood University with a BA in Art Education, and a minor in Illustration.


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Fly By Night, Random House Graphic, Spring 2020

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Published Work 2010-2014 (as Abbamondi):

In Your Wake, Sawdust Press, Artist & Writer, July 2014, 31 pages

Princeless Short Story, Action Lab Comics, Artist, 2013,  7 pages

On the Morrow, Artist & Writer, August 2013, 30 pages

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Unite and Take Over, Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Smiths, Spazdog Press, Artist, November 2011, 8 pages

Panels for Primates, Act-i-vate, Artist & Writer, 2010, 5 pages

Puddles, Artist & Writer, April 2010, 30 pages


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Can Real Life Compete with Instagram Playground, The Ringer, August 2017

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Young Adult Award Finalist, The Agony House (as the illustrator), 2019 Locus Awards

Award, 2019, The Altered History of Willow Sparks, Junior Library Guild

Maverick List, 2019, The Altered History of Willow Sparks, Texas Library Assoc.

Featured Guest, 2017 Dublin Comic Arts Festival, Dublin Comic Arts

Nominated, Roots, Best Biographical Comic of 2015, Comics Alliance

Nominated, In Your Wake, Best Small Press, 2014 Stumptown Comic Awards (as Tara Abbamondi/Abbamandi)

Nominated, In Your Wake, Best Letterer,  2014 Stumptown Comic Awards (as Tara Abbamondi/Abbamandi)

Nominated, In Your Wake, Best Cartoonist, 2014 Stumptown Comic Awards (as Tara Abbamondi/Abbamandi)

Group Shows:

Tobeyou, Light Grey Art Lab, March 2017

Cute and Rude, CSA Galleria, July 2016

Bower Bird, Light Grey Art Lab, December 2015

Boss Rush, Light Grey Art Lab, February 2015

Role Models, Light Grey Art Lab, October 2013

Message in a Bottle, Light Grey Art Lab, January-February 2013

GIRLS: Fact or Fiction, Light Grey Art Lab, 2012, Audrey Hepburn

Pokemon Battle Royale, April 2012, #37 Vulpix

Scranton First Friday, Bricolage, February 2009, Forest Rebirth