Hope all of you had wonderful holidays!

I was hoping to update this a lot earlier but of course, things get in the way. Thankfully, lack of blog posts isn't indicative of a lack of work, if anything it's been a pretty intense few months! 

Currently, I'm working on my next graphic novel! I'll have more info on that this month, once it's officially announced by the publisher. On top of that, I'm also doing a few short comics that you'll get to see in 2016. I'm also going to start a weekly project of illustrating some not-so-random song lyrics.

2015 was certainly my most busy in terms of comic work, and I got the opportunity to try out for several gigs for Boom! Studios. Hopefully that will open up to a few fun things down the road. I also tried out to draw another graphic novel that's in the works, and I'm waiting to hear back on that.

SO, here's to 2016 being full of comics!